I’m the youngest of 7 kids. I was a bruised knees, bleeding heart, day-dreaming, bookworm kind of kid who was bossy and loud and also fiercely sensitive and shy. If we could have met when I was small, makeup artistry would be the last thing on your mind.

How I got here involves backstage tutorials on cuts, burns, and old age makeup from theatre students in the local plays my dad did as a hobby. I was brought in to wrangle any on-set animals (dogs, kittens, pythons). I read every book on makeup artistry the library had, and used my friends as models doing photo shoots on my 35mm camera. Awkward pre-teens in glasses and braces could be turned into breathtaking film sirens with some loving artistry and thoughtful darkroom techniques. 

Fast forward and here I am with over 10 years experience as a makeup artist. I love making women (and men!) feel their best through the power of good skincare and makeup they will actually use and enjoy. I love the power of transformation. I love beauty rituals passed down, and beauty rituals discovered. Beauty is meditative for me. It is an important part of my self care and creativity. It’s also fun, and something anyone can do with practice. My passion is sharing what I've learned.